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Canada is featured prominently in PISA, an international study that assesses students' knowledge and skills in math, reading and science. Developed by experienced Canadian and Brazilian educators and with student-centered learning, Maple Bear's academic program brings Canadian education best practices together with Brazilian curriculum guidelines.

How Does Bilingual Education Work?

The Canadian methodology seeks to create connections and a development-oriented environment for children and young people. Maple Bear students are placed in a new language environment and progressively acquire fluency by absorbing language nuance and subtle meanings and not by memorizing vocabulary and grammar structures. At Maple Bear, they learn English.

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To learn and to think in two native languages. At Maple Bear, our students learn in an English immersion environment and develop autonomy, trust, citizenship and entrepreneurship.
Experienced Canadian educators train and periodically monitor the schools' whole academic team and assure an education of excellence.
We use observation, problem-solving and decision-making as a methodology in all subjects. We also offer large, stimulating and welcoming classrooms to our students.

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